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2009. Saracen's Head, site of Scott's the butchers, Whielden Street
Author: D Pearson

1891. Scott's the butchers, Whielden Street
Author: G Ward © Amersham Museum
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  • John Harrison - Friday 21 February 2020 18:31
    When I joined the Chiltern Society in 2003 I also became a member of Amersham Photographic Society (APS). The two societies provided me with very different photography experiences and generally I kept both activities apart.
    However there was an occasion in 2011 when the Amersham Museum approached APS to work with them on a project. This involved a display of photos of what had changed in Amersham over the years since the town was photographed by local photographer George Ward between 1880 and 1920. I joined David Pearson and Rod Darrah to take on the challenge.
    This photo comparison project resulted in 24 photo pairs that was shared with the PhotoGroup and is displayed in the Historical archive.
    Record photography can be interesting.