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Nice to see a Chiltern Way footpath sign and gate with a clear route through the crop
Author: J Hockey
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  • John Harrison - Friday 21 February 2020 18:26
    Where this photo was taken is not that important for me, it’s what it represents. A gate into a field and a signpost indicating yet another public footpath across the Chilterns.
    Janet and I are most fortunate to live where we can start walking in the countryside from home and if we take our car we can soon find myriad other walk options.
    Maybe I should not be saying this but, years ago, having bought 10 Chiltern Society walking maps, we photocopied each of them, Sellotaped the copies together and then ringed all the pubs with a red pen.
    Studying this huge map made it easy to pick out circular walks of varying length, all with a pub half way round for sustenance!