Chiltern Society PhotoGroup


Chiltern Society members have a cuppa at The Teapot Tea Shop in the High Street before setting out to photograph Cookham in July 2017. Clockwise from the left: John Fitzgerald, John Harrison, Barry Hunt, Quiller Barrett, Chris Smith, Deborah Hunt, Alan Strawn, Alison Beck, Eddie Morton and Keith Hoffmeister.
Author: Unknown

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  • John Harrison - Friday 21 February 2020 18:37
    This photo, taken during a PhotoGroup outing at Cookham, reminds me that meeting people, making friends and socialising with like-minded individuals is a huge bonus to the activity of photographing life in the Chilterns.
    A waitress in the Teapot Tea Shop garden took this shot. Unfortunately we did not note the young woman’s name, but she obviously had a photographer’s eye and would have made a valuable group member.