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Beyond the rooftops of Amersham, cornfields catch the evening sun after a storm, viewed from the edge of Parsonage Wood on the other side of the valley.
Author: R Darrah
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  • John Harrison - Friday 21 February 2020 18:04
    When Janet and I married in 1975 we lived in a tiny
    two-bedroom terraced house alongside a main road in Wembley.
    Some years later, when looking for a larger property, we couldn’t afford to buy one in the immediate area so instead we looked further out along the Met Line as Janet needed transport to work in London. We finally found an affordable house at the end of the line when we arrived at Amersham and the Chilterns.
    It’s funny how a home location chosen due to financial constraints turned out to the best move that we could have made.
    This photo, looking down across Amersham Old Town shows a very different view compared with any that we had seen during our house search between Wembley and Amersham.