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The Grade I parish church of St Bartholomew in Fingest, taken in 2003, is an Early English stone building, noted for its massive 18-metre high Norman tower at the west end. It dates from the early 12th century and dominates the rest of the church. Its 1.2 metres thick walls make it wider than the present nave. The uppermost of the three storeys contains the remaining bell from the original peal. The distinctive doubled-gabled roof dates from the 14th century.
Author: Q Barrett
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  • John Harrison - Friday 21 February 2020 18:09
    Not long after joining the PhotoGroup in 2003 I put my head together with two people I met during my first outing, Guy Patterson, the then PhotoGroup chairman and another recent group member Quiller Barrett for discussion about how to move on from displaying group photos in print format.
    Over the next six months we combined our different experiences in life and created the PhotoGroup website.
    Quiller took this photo during my first group outing.